package mappings

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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  1. mappings
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Type Members

  1. trait ColumnMapping extends Mapping

  2. trait CompositeMapping extends Mapping

  3. class EntityMapping extends MasterTableMapping

  4. case class EntitySettings(indexes: Set[Seq[String]] = Set.empty, uniqueKeys: Set[Seq[String]] = Set.empty) extends Product with Serializable

  5. class EnumMapping extends ColumnMapping

  6. class MapMapping extends SlaveTableMapping

  7. trait Mapping extends AnyRef

  8. sealed trait MappingKind extends AnyRef

  9. trait MasterTableMapping extends TableMapping

  10. sealed trait Membership extends AnyRef

  11. class OptionToNullableMapping extends CompositeMapping

  12. class OptionToTableMapping extends SlaveTableMapping

  13. trait Querying extends AnyRef

  14. class RangeMapping extends CompositeMapping

  15. class SeqMapping extends SlaveTableMapping

  16. class SetMapping extends SlaveTableMapping

  17. trait SlaveTableMapping extends TableMapping

  18. sealed trait TableMapping extends CompositeMapping with Querying

  19. class TupleMapping extends CompositeMapping

  20. class ValueMapping extends ColumnMapping

Value Members

  1. object Mapping

  2. object MappingKind

  3. object Membership

  4. def ddlName(string: String): String

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